About Me

A Quick Look


Height: 6'

Age: 28

Sign: Aries


What are you passionate about?

Life, love, school, family and a sense of adventure have allowed me to have experienced living all over the world.

I grew up in Australia, set sail for an east coast Ivy, and studied abroad in Germany. Berlin has the most incredible night life! I moved from Toronto to San Francisco to persue a degree and have been loved living in the heart of the Bay. School has had me super busy, I've still got to make it to all the tourist things! Would you believe I haven't made it yet to the new MoMa?

What do you savor?

Ah, passion, of course! I adore to explore the world through food, wine, dance, and music. I'm a voracious reader and enjoy learning new languages by immersion, studying spiritual texts and ancient history. Baths, spas, and bodies of water sooth me. Men with a penchant for slow converstaion and good wine unravel me. I am guilt-less when shopping for couture fashion and lingerie. Being gifted is a turn on. 

What brings you joy?

I just graduated with a Masters degree in human conciousness and am pondering my next move. I spend a lot of time every day thinking about what city I'll live in next! In my spare time I love to be in my body; at yoga, dancing, running... I thrive on just about anything outside in the sunshine! Otherwise I'm mostly likely found snapping photos, or curled up with tea and a good book.

Last year I wintered in Thailand, this year I'll go back to Australlia. I live to travel! From highbrow to lowbrow, it's all good. The next country in my sights in Brazil, though I would also like to spend more time in southern France and along the ocean in the Mediterranean. Have you been? Weekend trips to Napa, Sanoma, and Russion River are lovely escapes nearby.

I spend time in the dynamic and bustling city of Chicago each year and, of course, I can't stay away from Toronto. I absolutely adore that city.

If you're seeking to inquire for the purposes of gifting, my measurements are a size 10, 34c, and I am 6' tall. Yes, I am quite statuesque. Can you handle turning the heads of everyone in the room as we walk by?

Do you like duos?

I *love* spending time with sensual women. Couples are just the tops! My favorite provider to offer duo sessions with is Pearl Lovelee. She is such a babe. You can peruse her website at http://pearllovelee.com/

Do you have any reviews? 

Ah, review culture. Given the nature of the circumstance, I understand that reviews can offer a sense of security. Yet chemistry is unique and I am hardly formulic. I am not drawn to those who write reviews and prefer my circle abstain from writing on me without my consent. If you want a deeper snapshot into my world, here's a fun interview I did for MEL magazine, a subsidiary of Playboy. 

Where in the world is Ava Hudson? Follow my wild escapades on Twitter. Even faster? Send me an email and find out. Let's taste the world together!




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