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As of yesterday I am back in Graduate school after the loveliest of Summer vacations. I can't remember a time when I took a summer off and stayed (mostly) put, taking the time to finally find my feet in this city was very rewarding. I made wonderful new friends, danced in the sunshine, swam in lakes, enjoyed many a BBQ late into the night, lay on the beach, ran these beautiful hills, camped in the woods, and built myself a gorgeous little home here in the Bay. I did get to travel, too, enjoying the loveliest time dressed to the nines in Calgary, and flitting down to Michigan to dance Salsa at sunset. 

After some much needed non-academic time I am now back on the grind, and boy did I hit the tarmac running! Two three hour classes in one day! Joyfully, I only suffered one, existential grad-school meltdown on day one, which you will know if you have been to graduate school is pretty good. It came right after my Gestalt class as I mused with one of my peers, Katy, about writers-angst: "If I want to be a writer, should I be in graduate school for human consciousness? I wish they had a school for budding novelists." 

As it turns out, they do have schools for budding novelists. Including the Jack Kerouac school for creative writing in Chicago, graduates from which, Katy proved pulling up the school's Wikipedia site, "win all the Pulitzer prizes". 

Cue grad-school third semester meltdown #1.

I spent the next twenty minutes in deep existential crisis plotting my new life in Colorado. Then I went to class.

And what a class! My professor introduced me to perennial philosophy and oh, my! Transcendentalism! The very essence of the world's religions distilled into their agreed upon parts, metaphysics! My spirit soared. This is why I am here, this!

Ok, so maybe writing can wait just a little bit longer. Look at me, I'm so pragmatic! I'm getting a totally applicable graduate degree in a fascinating field. I have tabs in a leather-bound portfolio! 

I rode that high out the classroom doors and all the way to a concert by an incredible three-man electronic band; if you haven't heard of Tribe Called Red you should certainly check them out! I'm hoping this is the start of many more concerts this semester.

Because if you're crazy enough to go to grad school for human consciousness you're going to need to dance really, really hard. 

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